CUSTOM Shareable Team Coach Manual

Are you looking for an AMAZING new coach tool that will really help your downline get started right? Then you NEED to check out the "New Coach Manual"!

You could spend endless hours creating ONE, or check out this AMAZING tool I am "de-stashing" from my personal "team training" collection. These types of tool are essential for being able to start, train, and help your downline become successful while still being able to run and grow your own business.

We all know what it's like starting a new business. What should you be doing, where should you focus, and how  do  you reach those BIG huge goals? It's simple.... you PLAN to  succeed. Planning is an effective way to track, manage, build, and maintain your business. It is the perfect tool for a new coach or anyone who wants to place focus on building a successful business.

Planner BREAK down
  • Team Name OR logo on the cover 
  • Optional Team "About" page 
  • 9 color options  
  • Colors are water color splashes 
  • Planner File is 32 pages (33 with the about page) 
  • Bonus files include a monthly recognition tracker and high resolution images of your planner to use on websites or social media. (2 with a background and 2 with transparent backgrounds)

Custom cover page will include your team name or logo. If you don't have a logo I will put your name is coordinating print within the writing circle on the cover, or you can have the circle removed all together.

2. OPTIONAL About page (Hello new coach)
The optional about page is a great place to introduce your team to your coaches, their coaches, and any new members coming into your team family. You can create a "founders letter" or share what the team is all about, passions, goals, motto, team website links, etc.

3. The PAGES: 
  • Important Resources: This is your coach ID#, user name, websites, etc. 
  • New coach Checklist: The things you want to DO first as a new coach. 
  • Your Why: This sheet will help your coaches develop their why. 
  • Your What: Here your team will define their passion and skills. 
  • GOALS breakdown: This is where they can start breaking those goals down! 
  • Your Story: Remind your coaches the story they start with is always evolving, the story they share now might not be their story in 6 months! The whole point here is to get started "telling your story". It will change and grow with their business.

  • Your WHO (ideal customer): Make sure you are hitting your demographic. I so badly wanted to appeal to everyone starting out, but once I developed my ideal customer (who will happen to be a LOT like you <---when you develop yours. 
  • Your Team (Emerald & Diamond Map): Here your coaches can track and monitor their FIRST two rank goals! 
  • Your list of 100: This if your STARTING point! Who can you help. Even if you start at only 10... ADD to it and BUILD your list of 100! These are the first people you will reach out to. 
  • You're the HERO-->What do you want to be known for? 
  • SUCCESS vision board: You've defined success, but what does it look and FEEL like to you. When you reach your goals describe how it will feel. Envision it. Imagine it. STRIVE for it everyday... 
  • Success Club- A basic outline of what success club is. 
  • 3 lives Club- 3 lives club monthly invatation tracker. 
  • Follow up Tracker: Not only do you have to invite people... you have to follow up! Here you can keep track of those you need to follow up with (the ones who didn't commit last month! haha) 
  • Business Branding: You do need to get social and that means developing a brand. Define what you stand for. 
  • Social Media Starter Tips: Relevant tips for FB, IG, and PINTEREST and blogger.

  • The power of 3: Details on daily habits that will HELP you grow your business (tracking on the daily planner pages. 
  • Customer Sign up Checklist: Ready to sign up a new customer, check out this sign up checklist!
  • Coach Sign up Checklist: Ready to sign up a new coach? This check list will walk you through the process. 
  • Accomplishments: CELEBRATE every step of your business journey. Here you can acknowledge your milestones! 
  • Month at a GLANCE: This is your monthly calendar to track and plan your month. 
  • Daily Planner (Mon-Sun): These daily planning sheets will help you track, manage, and maintain your business with a system that will keep you focused on your goals. 
  • Customer Sheet: This is a details sheet for your clients. 
  • Coach Sheet: This is a details sheet for your coaching team. 

  • Monthly Recognition sheet * 
  • High Resolution Image (4) of your planner (for posting on social media / website) *

Ready to give your coaches a serious tool to help them succeed? Just fill out the form below, Please allow 1-3 business days to revive your custom files. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or add them to the form and I will get back to you!

This is a DIGITAL PDF file, no physical item will ship.

This FORM is completely confidential. I will NOT share any of your info, add you to my mailing list or sell your email address. All payment are pay pal secure. 

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